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Shanghai Real Club board Equipment Parts Co., Ltd.

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Shanghai Skoden Equipment & Parts Co., Ltd was founded in 2006, with a manufacturing and processing base in Henglu Industrial Park, Pudong New District, Shanghai. Serving as sales agent of foreign products and independently developing market, it has successfully become a well-known supplier in the fields of wind power generation and aluminium processing. Its customers nearly include all large wind power plants and some electric power corporations all over China. In the industry of aluminium oxide, the company has cooperated with SET (Tianjin) in undertaking nearly all projects concerning aluminium oxide over the past few years. In recent years, it has successively introduced multiple technologies from foreign countries and realized mass production in China.

Shanghai Skoden Equipment & Parts Co., Ltd is determined to supply first-class heaters (WarmTec Heater) and fire-fighting products for micro-environment (Fire Tube and Fire Suppression System). Holding fast to dreams and integrity, it strives to become a leader in the industries of above two categories of products.

Located in Yuzhou Jinqiao International Building, No. 15 Jinxiang Road, Jinqiao of Pudong New District, the HQ (R&D Center) of Shanghai Skoden Equipment & Parts Co., Ltd mainly makes comfortable and convenient offices available to researchers, developers and salesmen. Meanwhile, an office has been founded in No. 33 Dengshikou Street of Beijing for northern areas. Lying within the Luheng Industrial Park of Pudong District of Shanghai, the company’s production and processing base is mainly used for manufacturing and machining heaters and fire-fighting systems.



Currently, the company sells following brands:


a) FREQCON (a German brand)

b) ATECH (a German brand)

Products include:


a) Various transducers for wind power purposes: acceleration transducers (vibration transducers), overspeed transducers, various temperature switches and transducers, etc.

b) Various heaters for wind power purposes: engine compartment heaters, control cabinet heaters and silicone rubber heaters, etc.

c) Thin oil lubrication stations: thin oil lubrication system for aluminum industry;

d) Oil-air lubrication systems: oil-gas lubrication systems for steel rolling equipment and aluminium foil (aluminium plate) rolling mills

e) Automate fire-fighting systems: Firetube automatic fire-fighting systems for micro environment;

Adhering to the tenet of “starting the future paths with dreams and achieving success in the future with integrity”, the company strives to supply high-quality products to customers.