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Overspeed module


FREQCON overspeed module calculates the rotation speed of the wind turbine with a dual-channel optical encoder and 2048 pulses placed in the hub unit of slip ring by rotation. In checking the changes of a measurable output speed, a fixed value will be output to trigger the contact switch of a relay, in order that the wind generator may safely slow down its speed. The fixed value can be determined by changing the 19-pole connector wired in the module. 

The standard speed: 15rpm (512Hz).
If the given speed is 24rpm (819, 2Hz), it can be connected to terminals 4, 7 and 9. To check if the functional module is normal, you can check the analog signals to the main controller of the turbine generator and the measured speed of the overspeed module. 

This module can be fixed at the BOPLA CNS100 DIN rail. It shall be installed and connected with 19 movable screws or the screws fastened between spring terminals.