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Lubrication system

Friction between machines is inevitable for large industrial equipment. To protect mechanical parts from damages of dry rubbing, it is quite necessary to properly add lubricants for lubricating, cooling, anti-rust, cleaning, sealing, buffering and other purposes. In our company, lubricants are added to lubrication points by centralized and metered lubrication. There are independent electrical control panels in lubrication stations and independent electric control devices in all satellite stations. They can check the level of main oil tank and satellite speaker, temperature of main oil tank, oil cleanliness of main pipelines and oil supplying pipelines, outlet pressure of all oil distribution pumps of satellite speakers and operations of distributors. Thus, a fixed amount of lubricants can be added to lubrication points in stable, controllable and efficient ways.


Main functions of corporate lubricating oil systems:

1) Precisely add a fixed amount of lubricants to lubrication points;

2) Make sure that the lubricants injected into the lubrication points are pure and guarantee the normal viscosity;

3) Generate much heat by inducing friction of rotors or eddy current with oil.