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Acceleration sensor


A brief introduction to FREQCON acceleration transducers:


FREQCON transducers are used to measure the vibration frequency of engine compartment and tower body. The measurable low frequency ranges within 0.1 to 10Hz. The acceleration transducers are usually used for outputting analog signals. In the NAS, they can measure the vibration acceleration when the value ranges from 0.5g to 0.5g in X and Y axes. They outputs a signal ranging from 0V to 10V in voltage, while the output voltage is 5V in the zero position.



Standard parameter


Model: AS 3-2008  vision 1.0 / 24.7.2006 NH

Temperature: Storage temperature: -35~ 70℃       Working temperature: -30~ 50

Humidity:  Storage humidity:  relative humidity 90~95% (40)            Working humidity:  relative humidity 95% (40)

Protection grade:   Usually made of stainless steel or aluminum shell, protection grade reaches IP 65

Security levels:   EN61010-1 and  IEC 61010-1

Size:  106mmX106mmX72mm

Weight:   about 0.7 kg (including casing)



Electrical parameters


Power supply: 24V DC ± 15%

The range of high frequency filter: 0.1Hz~ 10 Hz;

Measuring range of vibration/acceleration:

X-axis: -5 m/s2~ 5m/s2 ( -0.5g ~ +0.5g )

Y-axis: -5 m/s2~ 5m/s2 ( -0.5g ~ +0.5g )


X-axis: 010V  analog signal  linearity curve  the value of position 5.0 is 0(420mA)

Y-axis: 010V  analog signal  linearity curve  the value of position 5.0 is 0(420mA)

Other output modes(optical): relay output preset value.

Signal detection:

Nonlinear: ±0.2 %

Cross-axis sensitivity: X-axis/ Y-axis<l0.2 %l

Temperature susceptive 0.01% gamut