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Cooling system

Main Heat-generating Parts of Draught Fans


l Generators

l Brake Discs and Hydraulic Stations

l Brake Staff

l Variable-frequency Drives


Harms of Overheat of Draught Fans

High temperature will lead to emergency shutdown of draught fans, and failure to generate power directly results in economic losses.

High-temperature will cause a draught fan to be burnt by fire.

Facilitate the aging of electric components.

Various components will be easily oxidized and corroded under highly humid high-temperature conditions.

Bottom Ventilation and Cooling System of Draught Fan


Bottom exhaust is a solution developed and designed by our company for a drought fan to disperse heat. Our design team will develop different proper solutions for various draught fans.

This system will rapidly discharge much heat generated by bottom variable-frequency drive out of the drum according to the principles of air flow while absorbing external cold air into the bottom part, so that the bottom variable-frequency drive always run within the normal operating temperature.

This system controls the air flow at the inlet and outlet with temperature controller for the purpose that air flow is exchanged inside and outside the bottom, so as to control the temperature. Besides, the temperature ranges are adjustable. For high-end products, the air flow can be precisely regulated to control temperature with high precision.

The methods for controlling this system can be customized by customers to satisfy their personalized demands.

Outline of Bottom Exhaust System






Compartment Cooling System

This system will transfer cold air from the tail of the compartment to the inner part of the compartment according to the principles of air flow. Meanwhile, the heat will be exchanged on the top or side of the compartment, in order that the compartment generator can always run within normal operating temperature.


Outstanding Characteristics


l Highly effective for ventilation and cooling

l Wind-proof, sand-proof and water-proof.

l Automatic cyclic cooling