Shanghai Real Club board Equipment Parts Co., Ltd.

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Service Commitments:


1. We will reply to customers within 2 hours after answering their phone call. The system will be restored to normal operation according to distance: restored within 24 hours for a distance less than 1, 000km, within 48 hours for a distance below 2, 000km and within 72 hours for a distance of 3, 000km or above.

2. Our company will unconditionally replace all products that have quality problems within the warranty period.

3. Our company will provide lifelong services for maintaining products and paid technical after-sales services according to customers’ requirements.

4. Our company will provide all paid services at the lowest price.



Service Tenet:


Being integrity-centered, highly responsive, active and fully dedicated to provide satisfactory services



Service Procedures:


1. Customer archives shall be established according to product code and managed through database. We will regularly know about customers’ opinions about product quality, performances and after-sales services, etc by phone, email and other means to promptly solve problems for users.

2. The after-sales service center will respond to customers within 2 hours after answering their phone and receiving their letters. Meanwhile, registrations shall be classified. Service personnel will be promptly assigned to provide field services once door-to-door services are required.

3. After-sales services are provided based on technical agreements and restricted by contracts. Our company will strictly perform its responsibilities and obligations for product quality.

4. Technical trainings will be conducted for users about all maintenance procedures, including equipment installation, operation, daily maintenance, preventive maintenance and failure calibration.

5. Provide services concerning solution design, installation, debugging and testing, etc for users.

No service personnel are permitted to install without the certificate for fire detection issued by our company.